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Welcome to  Pittsburgh Sports Complex

Pittsburgh Sports Complex is the newest sports complex to the Pittsburgh area. It was built by local coaches to address the lack of affordable quality sport courts that are safe for your kids. Pittsburgh Sports Complex is an unmanned, state of the art facility, where anyone can go online and immediately book a time slot, pay, and receive the access code for the door. No more worrying if someone is going to take your spot or forget to mark you down.  Everything is automated!  Only people with your specific code will have access 15 minutes before and after your time slot. There are two Basketball/Futsal/Volleyball courts that can be booked separately, or book the whole facility and run a 7v7 soccer game on a 130' X 88' court, length wise.  We have hosted various tournaments including Basketball, Futsal, Soccer, Volleyball, Wrestling, flag football, handball, and wiffleball.  Sorry, sports with a hard ball or puck are not permitted. Our flooring is the Snap Sports Revolution Sports tiles with the patented ShockLock system that absorbs lateral impact.  The Revolution Sports tiles are used by the NBA and US Futsal Federation as they are the best there is when it comes to tile flooring. Please check out our other pages and feel free to reach out to us as we are coaches hoping to give more opportunities for our youth to play affordable sports indoors.  We look forward to seeing you.


Thank you from Coach Mark and Brad.  

Pittsburgh Sports Complex LLC is an unsupervised facility that is enter and play at your own risk.  Pittsburgh Sports Complex LLC or any affiliates are not responsible for any Accidents, Injuries, or Deaths whether negligence or not.   By booking this facility, you agree to these terms and you must inform all your guests of these policies.   Be advised, there are live camera feeds viewable online at our website and recorded for security.Any damages or clean up fees will be assessed for negligence or abuse of the facility.  We ask that you please keep the place clean in order to keep the fees low for everyone.    Thank You for your Business, Coach Mark and Brad.

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